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© 2017 created by Jennifer Bannigan, MS, RDN, CDN, CLT

LEAP-MRT Food Sensitivity Program

Take the guess work out of the foods that are making you sick! 

​Through the use of MRT blood testing, past medical/family history, and a thorough review of your food & symptom diary, we will work together to identify problematic foods/chemicals

Each week I will create an individualized elimination diet to support your specific health needs. This includes meal/snack recommendations, recipe/product suggestions, a grocery shop list, education, guidance and resources throughout the entire 12 week process.

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Feel like you do not have time to sit down in a traditional office setting?  Virtual Nutrition Counseling can be another way to help you reach your goals.  Set up your Telehealth appointment today!

Photo Food Journal Package

Building healthy habits can take time and should have support and guidance from a nutrition expert.  Take photo's of your meals, nutrition labels, recipes for me to guide you through making healthy choices.  Photo entries are reviewed each day for my support to help you take steps towards your health goals.  You can have my support for 1 month or for more, you decide!

It's like having a dietitian in your back pocket! 

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