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About Jenn

My journey in becoming a Registered Dietitian may have not been the most traditional path.  Working in the food industry fueled my love of cooking. The demanding hours and the desire to grow my family lead me to choose a different path. 

As my family grew, I wanted to provide a healthy lifestyle not only for them, but also for myself.  I struggled to believe in all the different information that can be found in a google search.  Sprinkle in the confusing media reports saying “eat this and not that” or claims researchers found a new "miracle diet" honestly left my head spinning at times!

Unhappy with my own health and craving a deeper understanding of “how“ to build a healthier lifestyle for my family, lead me down the path towards becoming a Registered Dietitian. 


I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science from Russell Sage College and completed my Dietetic internship along with completing a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from SUNY Oneonta.




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